Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Target Coupons

There are new Target coupons available! Remember that some of these are MAN. coupons too, I never print unless I know it's going to be on sale!

Friday, March 5, 2010


I know that I didn't post much today, hopefully I will back to the swing of things by Tuesday, this whole packing up and moving thing last minute really BLOWS but I am thankful for renters and being able to buy a home, and I also thankful for strong boys to move my furniture!

I am interested in how everyone did this week. Do you have any deals that you would like to share?!

The only thing that I got this week was my FREE Purex. Once I get all of my furniture into the POD in front of my new house I will be back on the PROWL!

Thank you to all of the followers! We have 25 in less than 2 weeks! Please, if you view the blog, then follow it! Leave comments, it makes my day so much brighter!!!:) Love you guys!

Hosting a class

We have had a few questions about hosting classes! If you would like to host a class just send us an email and let us know! We would love to help out the community!

Coupons for household items

Click here!

Family Dollar Coupon Match-ups

This is for Family Dollar, these sales will be ending tomorrow...sorry it's a little last minute. What I have listed is what I consider good deals. You can view the full ad here. A lot of people think that these stores are the best to shop in. Not when you use coupons though, it is easy to beat these prices!! Remember, what I have listed is all of the coupons available, you can only use ONE coupon though! If you were at the class on Monday and would like a coupon match up page to help you then send me an email and I will email it to you! It's actually not much, if you need laundry detergent and can't get the free Purex then this is a good deal. Under the deals I will list the in ad coupons. You can STACK at Family Dollar. I will also list the coupon that you can stack with.

All Laundry Detergent 32 load $3
-$2.00 50 oz or larger RP 2/7 (makes it $1)
-$1.00 50 oz or larger RP 2/7

$3 Tide Liquid Detergent 90 loads
+$1 Tide Liquid Detergent 100 oz

.25 Family Dollar Bleach

.50 Febreze Fabric Refresher
+$1 Febreze Fabric Refresher (P&G mailer)

$1 Scott 12 Big Rolls

$1 Huggies or Pull Ups
+$2 any Huggies printable (use zip 30002)
+$2.50 Huggies little movers Home mailer

$1 Coke 2 liter

Kirkland's Coupon

Kirkland's has some very nice stuff! Here is a coupon for $10 off of $50 purchase!

Babies R Us

Babies R Us has new coupons out. This is not just for mommas, if you know that you are going to have to go to a baby shower or if you just want to grab something for a child that you know then these are great! These coupons will expire on 3/11. I am checking now to see if they will except mft coupon with the store coupon, I will get back to you on the answer. I don't know much about babies, so I don't know if the sale prices are good.

Earth Fare

Earth Fare has a new coupon booklet out and a new coupon out! Check out their website to find the coupon!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am sorry

Nothing new tonight, I am sick! Hopefully more in the morning. Fan BEBE on facebook

Problems at Target?

I recently received a phone call from my dear friend Jessica Garscadden (I love her), asking me about Target and their policy.

  • Target will not take my coupon because the item that I am purchasing is less than the amount on the coupon.
Target does not HAVE to take the coupon. They "may" reduce the coupon amount if it exceeds the retail value of the item. My best advice is to come prepared, with the Target store policy.

  • Target will not accept my coupon for the travel size item.
First: Read the coupon, does it say "except on trial size"? If it does not say travel size then again, head to customer service with your Target store policy. From what my dear friend told me, Target now says that they do not accept coupons for travel size items. I do not see that in the policy, correct me if I am wrong!

  • The cashier told me that they could not accept my coupon, even though it scanned just fine.
Simply ask why? If you follow what your coupon says and it goes through then the cashier should not void the coupon.

This is what Target's main customer service said to do in any of these cases.
Head to customer service to talk to the manager, tell them the situation. If they do not help you then the main customer service said to call them while standing at the store customer service. They can't help you if you are not in the store. The phone number is 18004400680.

I loooooove Target, but I don't love to shop there with coupons! As long as they follow by their policy and what is in it then there should not be any problems. Keep in mind, not all cashiers are coupon trained! Be friendly!

Arm and Hammer coupons!

Here are some pretty good coupons for Arm and Hammer. Looks like a lot of high dollar ones. Good for stores that do not double!

become a fan of BEBE on facebook

There will an exclusive offer to BEBE fans on facebook tomorrow! Make sure you become a fan! I will be back in the AM to remind you, 10 am PST

Starting a stockpile?

Remember that stockpiling is one of the best ways to save money! If you were at the class Monday then you know this by the examples that are in the manual. This coupon will help you get started...

Harris Teeter has this item BOGO for $6.99. Remember, when shopping at the Teeter you do not have to buy two BOGO, one will be at 1/2 price. If you decide to get 2 make sure you double check that you can use 2 coupons at your store. If not, do separate transactions!

Finish Quantumatic BOGO $6.99 ($3.49 for one)
this makes it .49 for one, or .99 for 2. Not too bad, I don't think!!

thanks lovin life

Facebook Fan Page...

I'm thinking about it......

I will let you know if I go through with it, pretty busy right now, but maybe tonight? Maybe.

Nabisco Cookies

If you became a fan of Nabisco on Monday and printed your coupon then head to Food Lion to use it. They are BOGO this week!!

Lindsey Rumford

Someone tell the child how to comment on the blog!!!! I would but HONESTLY all I have to do is click comment!!!

Food Lion: Save and Give Hope & my soap box for the day :o)

You don't see this very often (another reason why I don't shop at FL)! Food Lion has a new coupon booklet out in stores. Keep your eyes open for it! Remember your coupon ETIQUETTE that we talked about in class, you want to be able to help people by giving them some of your overage, but you DON'T WANT TO KEEP THEM FROM BEING ABLE TO GET THE DEAL ON THEIR OWN either. Be courteous to your fellow couponers and only get 2 books.

This brings me to another subject...

Is anyone having problems getting the FREE Purex from WAGS??? It has been brought to my attention that the Cherry Rd. store in RH, SC got a shipment in yesterday and after about an hour it was GONE! This is RIDICULOUS! If you have multiple coupons please go in multiple trips because other people NEED the detergent. I contacted the York store yesterday and shipment will be in today, but it will probably not last long either. If you NEED the detergent then I recommend you call before you waste your gas. I do not look for it to stay on the shelves very long there either, especially if I was not the only one to call. This is not only for people who NEED it, anyone should be able to purchase it, even if you are starting a stockpile or working on your stockpile. Be courteous and not RUDE when it comes to shopping. You may not feel the same way about this as I do. I am not saying this because I can't get the detergent, I have mine, I am saying this for everyone in RH, FM, York, and Clover that have tried.

Wendy's Bacon sandwich

$1 off Wendy's new Bacon Sandwich. I wonder how much this will make belly is growling!!

Big Lots

I don't post much about Big Lots because they do not accept coupons but, I found this interesting after I read about it and I might would try it if I had one close by. Comment and let us know which location that you looked at and if you got it for $1! It may be too good to be true!

Olay Body Wash $1
$15 MIR (mail in rebate) wyb 3
You make $12 after the rebate!

Clorox Toilet Bowl Wand

Do you remember when I told you to print the Clorox Toilet Bowl Wand coupon last week?! Here is the deal for it:

This is at Target.

Clorox Toilet Bowl Wand $9.70
-$5 Toilet Bowl Kit ^print from above
That makes it $4.70 oop.....
PLUS! There is a
-$5 rebate
making the wand FREE

New Tab at the top of the page....

The tab at the top of the page that is labeled "Coupon Inserts" will change week-to-week. When you click this tab you will notice what coupons will be available to you. Just remember, your paper may not have them all. Some maybe regional.

I hope everyone is having a good morning so far! I have to start packing boxes. BOO

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


First of all, I feel like I am in a control center, I have my computer and my husband's computer in front of me!
If you requested me send you the Commissary page or the price match page and you have not got it yet then shoot me an email and I will get it to you.
Also, I would like to thank you for your prayers!! We have found a renter and they will be moving in on Tuesday!! Now, I need you to pray that the builder will get us in our home!!! Thank you all so much!

Not Coupon Related....

Adam and I are asking for your prayers! We have spent a few weeks discussing the pros and cons of buying a house. We have decided that buying a house will give us more of an economical advantage and it will allow us to save more money. We are renting right now and we are stuck in a legal bind. We are asking that you pray for a renter for us! A family looked at the house this weekend and really liked the house, they told us that they need to be in by the 15th...we aren't scheduled to close on our house until the 20th, but we could maybe make that possible. We spoke with them today and they said they would really like to be in by this weekend! WHHHAATT?! We know that with God, all things are please pray that God will make this possible for us!

Thank you!

Thank you Crickett!!

We hit 20 followers, thanks to Crickett!!!

Need baby coupons?

Samantha Cornwell has Huggies diaper coupons. If you need them contact me an I will let her know. They are on sale at lots of places this week!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eat Better America Coupon...

$10 worth of coupons in this booklet. Order yours today!!!!

This is all for tonight. Adam is asleep and I had to unplug the laptop from power source to avoid choking him. BLLLAAAHHH! I know...I should just stretch the cord across his body and make him suffer, but since he is a soldier who "works 12 hours a day" then I will leave him alone.

Good night everyone...I hope to wake up to lots of followers...we are almost at 20!!

Rite Aid Deals....

There are a few good deals this week at Rite Aid. These are the good deals...of course there are lots more that I have not listed. Just glancing through these are the good ones, I will update this post later with more, but this is good for a start.

Here are two store coupons...$5 off of $25. There is also a $3 off of $15. Make sure that you give the cashier these coupons BEFORE your man. coupons!!

Kotex Light Days 16-22ct .99
-$1 Kotex pads (here) use zip code 63366

Huggies 50% off making them about $9.99 w/o ANY coupons

Gillette Shave Gel or Foam 7-9 oz $1.99
($1 SCR LIMIT 1)
Free Gillette Body Wash wyb Fusion Shave Prep Item PG 2/21
-$1 Satin Care Shave PG 2/7
-$1 Gillette Fushion Shave
=FREE Shave Gel & Body Wash
***Use Free wyb coupon & $1 coupon

Carefree Liners .99
$2/2 (here) store coupon
$1/2 Carefree product RP 1/31
*FREE wyb 2

Nivea Lip Care .99
BOGO Nivea Lip RP 2/7

Finally home!!!!

I enjoyed my time in Rock Hill this weekend and I enjoyed teaching a great class Monday night! I am happy to be home with my doggy and hubby! I am busy looking out for deals so keep your eyes peeled on the blog, I will be updating for a lot tonight... I have to catch up from the last 4 days!

Want to host a class?! Send us an email to schedule!!

Purex at Walgreens...

If you tried to get your FREE Purex today and couldn't because there wasn't any left, then try again tomorrow. Call before you go to make sure a truck came in. I got mine on the way back to Fayetteville today. I stopped in Monroe and had a very friendly cashier!!

Free Tote Bag

I have been trying to get this stinkin' bag for months! I will give you the opportunity to try as well!! Let me know if you are able to get it! I would try around mid-night or early morning.

This is the link...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Free Purex at Walgreens!

Purex is BOGO in Walgreens this week. If you use the BOGO coupons for Purex from a few weeks ago then it will be FREE!!!

Remember, get what you need, but if you have to buy a lot it may be best to take mulitple trips, you want to to save some for the rest of the community. Don't hoard it all, share with others.

This is the coupon match-up:
Purex BOGO
-BOGO coupon (RP 2/21) FREE

If you didn't clip that week, then check with the coupon snobs that you know!!!
This is not listed in the ad!!

Eastside Baptist Church...

There was a great turnout tonight at Eastside Baptist Church! I really enjoyed the crowd! It was a lot of fun, please email or comment if you have any questions about anything!!!

Walgreens printable coupons

There are new Walgreens printable coupons avaliable. There is a deal this week. Tilex bathroom cleaner is on sale for $1.99 and there is a $1 off coupon on the flyer, making the Tilex 99 cents. You can print it here.

Also, remember earlier this past week when I told you to print the reach coupon? Reach products are on sale for .99. Make sure you have the in ad coupon!

New Walgreens coupons

It is the first day of the month! If you are near a Walgreens stop in and grab the new coupon booklet for the month! Remember, these coupons can be stacked, you do not have to clip them out, and you only need one coupon, even if you have 2 of the same items!

Free Nabisco

Become a fan of Nabisco on Facebook. The first monday of every month you will be given the opportunity to print a coupon for FREE cookies when you purchase milk! YAY! You must become a fan today to get your coupon. There may be a limit on how many people can print so hurry!!!

Do you or someone that you know take Lipitor?

This is great for people with a co-pay over $35. You can get a Lipitor co-pay card!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Vera Bradley bags for $25?

Visit this link to get yours today! It will only last 3 days!! I love Vera Bradley!

We got ours! Make sure when you are looking that you click to view more colors, that is where most of the bags show to be $25. We got the gabby bag, we have the betsy already and it is also a nice bag! Check it out!


Just a reminder that class is Monday at 7pm at Eastside Baptist church. Inbox us to sign up!!!!


Sorry I have been MIA for the most of the weekend! I will update you with later with deals, coupons, and reminders!!