Saturday, February 27, 2010

Rite Aid Coupon

This coupon will expire on 3/31! If you print then don't let it expire!!

Friday, February 26, 2010

New Home Made Simple coupon booklet

These are good coupons for kitchen and bathroom cleaners. They will be mailed to you!

click here
and click here

sign up!!

Thank you Samantha! This is good for mommies!

I have been hearing that you mommies want to see more baby coupons. Sign up here...This is Samantha's testimony! It sounds pretty good to me!!! I hope they still have it when I decide to have kids!!

"this is a thing that i signed up for a long time ago when i was prego with braydon... a lot of the hospitals use gerber's formula which is the good start... by signing up for this they send you checks that really do work i use them when my kids were on formula... the first check is for like $11 which almost buys one can... then the rest of them they send you are like $4 & $5 check but still come in handy... they keep up with you as your child grows and they send you baby food coupons and coupons for snacks and juice... they really come in handy... i would say that i get about 1 or 2 coupon booklets a month by just signing up one time... "

Toilet wand coupon!

It's getting close to Spring cleanin time! Go here for a Clorox Toilet wand coupon!! These are pretty cheap at Target I think. I will check when I go out! You know the Target is not just a hop and a skip away from me though! If anyone beats me to it, post the price!!

baby coupons!

Click here for some baby coupons that Samantha Smith found for us! Thanks Sam!

Callers for Christ NC

Check out Callers for Christ of NC! This is great organization for sportsmen of SC & NC!

$3 Purina Dog food coupon

My dog's food is the most expensive in the stores I this coupon is wonderful!!!

Potentially free Reach dental floss

This could be free, or very cheap. I have seen this floss for pretty cheap at a lot of stores, and this coupon could help to make it a good deal at I'm thinking...Wal-Mart, sadly. I hate Wal-Mart! Anyways, before you go out and use it, wait until the new circulars come out this weekend, there may be a better deal at a better store!!

This coupon is for $1 off on Reach floss or toothbrush.

BOGO Entree at Ruby Tuesday

This coupon is for BOGO dinners up to $10 at Ruby Tuesday. This expires March 2nd.

I have no clue why I am up so early, but I do see a nap coming this afternoon!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Money saving Tip of the day

I am going to start posting a coupon/money saving tip everyday, so stay may have to remind me... ;o)

  • Plan your family's weekly meals. When I receive the weekly grocery store ads on Wednesday I sit down to see what meats and vegetables that I can get at its lowest price. If the item is at its rock bottom price then I usually stock up and freeze what I can. By doing this I am able to save money in the long run. If I have the meat on hand for the weeks down the road then I can just pull it out to thaw.....back to what I was saying, when I plan my meals I am able to go into the store and get what I need, I usually (always) know about how much I am going to spend and I am less likely to get side tracked when I make a list and STICK to the list.

And that's your tip of the day!

Good night!

Class Schedule

We have scheduled another class!

  • March 9, 2010 @ 6:30PM: Kings Mountain.

-Inbox for location, more info, and to sign up! Hope to see you there!

So far these are the classes that we have coming up:

  • March 1, 2010 @ 7PM: Eastside Baptist Church in Rock Hill, SC.
  • March 9, 2010 @7PM: Fayetteville, NC
  • March 9, 2010 @6:30PM: Kings Mountain, NC

Please sign up by emailing us your name and what location to:

BiLo Fuelperks!

I'm back ;)~

I am not very familiar with the BiLo FuelPerks! Program, but my mom insists that it is wonderful.
If you have your card set up for FuelPerks! then good for you! If you don't then you have some catching up to do!!!

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday ONLY instead of receiving 5 cents/gallon, you will receive 10 cents/gallon for every $50 that you spend.

Hop on :o) yall like this background?! I am still trying to play around with it some so we will see how long it stays haha!! Leave comments!!

under construction!!!!!!

I'm trying some new stuff so dont look at the blog like its tacky please:o)


I will post more updates later, I have to start cleaning the house for showings. Know anyone in Raeford, NC looking to rent? Please contact me!! Must be a non-smoker.

After I clean I have to go ship some books off. So it may be a little while before you see anymore posts from me!

CVS: Cheap Huggies Baby Wipes deal

CVS has Huggies Baby Wipes on sale 2/$5, making them $2.50 for one. Get your coupon from the price checker for $2 off Huggies Wipes, this will make for a pretty good deal, 50 cents for a pack. These are the wipes that come in a tub.
Go before Sunday, the deal won't last long!

Free Gillette Body Wash at Target

Don't jump out of your seat just yet.

I haven't tried this for 2 (2) reasons....

Not all Targets are coupon friendly....

  1. I went to our Target in Fayetteville and bought 2 light bulbs that were supposed to be free. I was stacking coupons for them....(come to my class if you are confused!!!) I was unable to use one of the coupons because "the picture did not match the light bulb". I tried to explain that a picture is worth a million words on a coupon and if she read the coupon then she may get a better idea and know that what I was purchasing did match the coupon, but not the picture. To make a long story short: I put the light bulb back and only bought and used the coupon that matched the bulb...(did that make sense?)...that bulb was free too.
  2. A lot of times Target will not allow you to use coupons if the number on the coupon exceeds the price of the item that you are buying. IT IS IN THERE COUPON POLICY that they "may" change the price of the coupon so that you can use it. I will post a link so that you can see this. More and more stores are refusing to do it though. So do be patient if they do not allow you to use the coupon. Take the policy with you and be prepared to go to customer service if you want the body wash bad enough. Don't be rude!!!!!!
Here's the deal:
The body wash is $1.99 for...I think an 8.4 oz.
There was a $4/2 coupon in P&G....
as you see, it will be FREE

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Children's Place 15% off coupon!

Children Store | Baby, Big Girls & Big Boys Clothes, The Children's Place

This coupon will make a great deal....

Use it with some of the great deals that I posted yesterday!

Olay Regenerist

Today at 12 PM you can have the chance to get FREE Olay Regenerist Starter Kit Trio. It is only available to the first 1,000 people that sign up!

GOOD LUCK! I am setting my alarm for this one!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Children's Place....

  • has fleece for children (maybe babies too) for as low as $1.99!!
  • has roll up pants for $8
  • has knit tops for $5

Beech-Nut baby or toddler welcome gifts

I did this a few months back and I just received my coupons about a week ago! I actually forgot that I did it and when my husband asked me why I had baby food coupons my mind drew a blank!!! They are for FREE baby food and FREE baby cereal! I do not have any children, but I will pick up the baby food and give it away to whoever needs it! It is also a good prize for my classes....

thanks deal seeking mom!!!

...and thats all folks....for now.

Speaking of classes...SIGN UP AND JOIN US! email me for more info!!

:0) happy couponing!

Harris Teeter SUPER DOUBLES and rainchecks

I am new to the blogging world, so any tips would be greatly appreciated :o)

I just wanted to remind everyone that today is the last day for
SUPER DOUBLES at the Teeter. Go and get your last minute things. Remember if you get a rain check for something that will super double (doubles up to $1.98) then it will not double next time. So only get the rain checks for the stuff that you need or the stuff that will double on a regular shopping day (up to .99). Also, remember that you can only use TWENTY coupons that will double and in most stores you are only allowed to get 3 of the same items. They limit it to 3 per transaction.

I would love your feedback! Let us know what we can do for you! Want to host a class? Inbox me through email for details!!