Coupon Etiquette

 Coupon Etiquette
  • Blinkies-  If you notice when grabbing coupons out of blinkies, there is a pause between each coupon.  That is so that one person does not take all of the coupons at one time.  I would say that the friendly number to take is 3.
  • Peelies-  These are really available for the person that is buying the product that it is stuck to.  Don't peel all of the peelies off of all of the products.  Take only one, if you take any.
  • Shopping with multiple coupons-  If you go to a store to buy multiples of one product, please make the limit 4 per trip.  There are many people that are trying to get the good deals just like you, be kind when shopping and save some for everyone.  If there is an item that you need and it is not on the shelf then grab a rain check on your way out of the store.  If you need more than 4 then make another trip.  
  • Do not be rude if something goes wrong with the coupons.  I have been put in this position many times.  A lot of cashiers do not know much about coupons and when the coupon does not scan the first time they give up.  In the case that you still buy the item and the coupon does not work, just stop by customer service on your way out and see if a manager can fix the problem.  If the cashier is rude to you or there is not a customer service desk or a manager around then call the store and then call corporate.
  • Use it, but don't abuse it. :o)