Thursday, February 25, 2010

Free Gillette Body Wash at Target

Don't jump out of your seat just yet.

I haven't tried this for 2 (2) reasons....

Not all Targets are coupon friendly....

  1. I went to our Target in Fayetteville and bought 2 light bulbs that were supposed to be free. I was stacking coupons for them....(come to my class if you are confused!!!) I was unable to use one of the coupons because "the picture did not match the light bulb". I tried to explain that a picture is worth a million words on a coupon and if she read the coupon then she may get a better idea and know that what I was purchasing did match the coupon, but not the picture. To make a long story short: I put the light bulb back and only bought and used the coupon that matched the bulb...(did that make sense?)...that bulb was free too.
  2. A lot of times Target will not allow you to use coupons if the number on the coupon exceeds the price of the item that you are buying. IT IS IN THERE COUPON POLICY that they "may" change the price of the coupon so that you can use it. I will post a link so that you can see this. More and more stores are refusing to do it though. So do be patient if they do not allow you to use the coupon. Take the policy with you and be prepared to go to customer service if you want the body wash bad enough. Don't be rude!!!!!!
Here's the deal:
The body wash is $1.99 for...I think an 8.4 oz.
There was a $4/2 coupon in P&G....
as you see, it will be FREE

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